Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gay Marriage, some sanity finally

This isn't my post on this issue but I found this as I was posting the post below. It is worth the read, and moves the conversation in the right direction. See the link here.

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Brett - Rachel B said...

Ok this logic sounds alot like the abortion type logic. You don't agree with it, but you want to allow it. Am I getting that right?

Anyways, I think I've thought about this issue as much as my brain could possibly handle. And the only thing I pull from it is one main idea:
Eternal families are the greatest possible happiness. By encouraging "gay rights" youre telling people "it doesn't matter if your gay in the long run (i.e. the after life). By doing so your encouraging the end of their progression. Oh well at least they were happy in this life.

Also, Mormons don't hate gay people. That has nothing to do with your argument (I hope) but it just felt good to get that out.